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1x Lumisenses LED Tweezer Device
1x Lumisenses Led Glue 5ml
1x 4D Lumisenses Mink Fans
1x Gel pad patches size 1×2 pc
1x Lumisenses LED Glue base


Innovative collaboration – Developed in collaboration with esteemed engineers and scientists from TALTECH (University of Technology), Institute of Cybernetics, this device is a testament to cutting-edge technological advancement in beauty care.
Ergonomic design – Specifically engineered to complement the natural workflow of lash technicians, the LED Tweezer Device is ergonomically optimized to reduce hand fatigue and seamlessly integrate with all kinds of lash tweezers.
Efficient curing – Boasting a cure time of 4-5 seconds, this device facilitates simultaneous work on both eyes, significantly enhancing efficiency and client comfort.

Glue vapors are no longer of the same intensity as quick-drying glue. One drop of glue is enough for the whole procedure.
This is a real change of direction!

LUMISENSES LED TWEEZER KIT includes:Lumisenses System Device, Led Glue 5ml, 4D Lumisenses Mink Fans, Gel pad patches size 1×2 pc, Glue base