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LUMISENSES LED eyelash extensions system has been developed by scientists and engineers using the latest technology. This is a revolution in eyelash extensions, where LED visible light is needed to cure the glue. The result is lasting and lightweight. Glue vapors are no longer of the same intensity as quick-drying glue. One drop of glue is enough for the whole procedure.

This is a real change of direction!

Lumisenses PRO System


Lumisenses proudly presents three distinct LED devices, each meticulously designed to cater to the diverse requirements of our clients. All devices are equipped with a foot pedal for effortless operation, enhancing the precision and convenience of the eyelash extension process.


  • Innovative collaboration – Developed in collaboration with esteemed engineers and scientists from TALTECH (University of Technology), Institute of Cybernetics, this device is a testament to cutting-edge technological advancement in beauty care.
  • Ergonomic design – Specifically engineered to complement the natural workflow of lash technicians, the LED Tweezer Device is ergonomically optimized to reduce hand fatigue and seamlessly integrate with all kinds of lash tweezers.
  • Efficient curing – Boasting a cure time of 4-5 seconds, this device facilitates simultaneous work on both eyes, significantly enhancing efficiency and client comfort.

Lumisenses Tweezer Device is also the winner of Cosmoprof Beauty Awards 2022!


  • Ultra-Fast Curing: Revolutionizing lash application, the LED Flex Device achieves full curing and waterproofing of lash extensions in just 1-2 seconds.
  • Versatile and User-Friendly: The flexible design allows for easy adjustment and attachment to work surfaces (for example ring light or lash table) via a clamp, ensuring optimal positioning and ease of use.


  • Sleek and adaptable: The LED Stand Device features a slim design with a long, flexible gooseneck, allowing effortless adjustment and integration into any workspace without occupying excessive space.
  • Rapid and Stable Curing: This device ensures quick curing with 2-3 seconds, providing a stable and reliable solution for eyelash extensions applications. It is best utilized for focused work on one eye at a time.

Lumisenses LED GLUE

We understand the art of eyelash extensions is as diverse as the artists who practice it. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer not just one, but TWO distinct Lumisenses LED Glues, each designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.

1️⃣ LUMISENSES LED GLUE 5ML – Our signature blend, perfect for those who love precision and control. Its balanced consistency ensures a smooth application every time, making it a favorite among professionals.

2️⃣ LUMISENSES LED GLUE ULTIMATE 5ML – For those who prefer a touch of fluidity, this is your go-to! Its more liquid consistency glides effortlessly, allowing for quicker and more seamless lash applications. Ideal for fast-paced environments and artists who love speed and efficiency.

Both glues cure very fast with our LED devices and ensure long-lasting and waterproof finish!

✔ Instant cure – no more sticky lashes

✔ Water is allowed immediately to the lashes

✔ No requirements for temperature and humidity

✔ Completely transparent

✔ Extreme retention: extensions last until natural lashes naturally shed

✔ Almost no fumes at all – less irritation on the eyes

✔ Easy removal